First Oregon Climate Assessment Report (2010)

The Oregon Climate Change Research Institute released the first climate assessment report for the State of Oregon in December 2010. PDF downloads of the full report, summaries, and chapters are available.


Full Report

Legislative Summary

Executive Summary

Chapter 1–Climate change in Oregon’s land and marine environments

Chapter 2–Climate change in Oregon: defining the problem and its causes

Chapter 3–Climate change and freshwater resources in Oregon

Chapter 4–Climate change and agriculture in Oregon

Chapter 5–The potential effects of climate change on Oregon’s vegetation

Chapter 6–Impacts of climate change on Oregon’s coasts and estuaries

Chapter 7–Oregon’s fish and wildlife in a changing climate

Chapter 8–Toward Assessing the economic impacts of climate change in Oregon

Chapter 9–Human Dimensions of Climate Change


Recommended citation:

Oregon Climate Change Research Institute (2010), Oregon Climate Assessment Report, K.D. Dello and P.W. Mote (eds). College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR.

Please cite individual sections with the chapter lead as first author.