Climate Prediction dot net (CDPN)

  • CPDN is a distributed volunteer computing, climate modeling project that uses spare CPU time on volunteers’ personal computers to run climate models developed by the U.K. Met Office Hadley Center.
  • You can help scientists understand how climate is affected by greenhouse gases and other influences by running a climate model on your own computer. Follow the instructions here.
  • After your computer is done running a simulation, the data are sent back to scientists and contribute to large ensembles of simulations.
  • This citizen science project is done in collaboration with the University of Oxford and the U.K. Met Office and uses the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC). With the help of thousands of volunteers, countless (yes, we’ve lost count) of simulations have been generated over the years, to help answer questions about climate change.


Weather @ Home

  • Weather@home is a group of regional climate modeling projects within These projects run finer resolution regional climate models that are nested within global climate models. OCCRI has teamed with the University of Oxford to runs a ~25km horizontal regional model that includes the western US. When volunteers run the western US model through CPDN, the results are sent to OCCRI.
  • Our project is unique in that it combines relatively high resolution of the complex terrain of the western US, with a very large number of simulations thanks to our volunteers. These two factors allow us explore the effects of local and regional climate change in a way not otherwise possible.
  • Our regional modeling project is the first in the weather@home family to generate projections of future climate. We have completed a set of future simulations into mid 21st century under a moderate greenhouse gas emissions scenario. We are currently generating a new set of future simulations under a more aggressive greenhouse gas emissions scenario.