PNW Climate Science Conference Posters and Abstracts

The Role of Microsites on Timberline Advance; Adelaide Johnson and Alan Yeakley Abstract
Trace Gas Fluxes from Irrigated Soil Amended with Anaerobic Digested Dairy Manure; H.P. Collins, J.D. Streubel, S.F. Fransen, C. Frear, S. Chen, D. Granatstein and C. Kruger Abstract
Effects of water temperature and select environmental variables on adult sockeye migration patterns in the Somass River, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, 1980-2007. Stiff, H.W., K. D. Hyatt, M. M. Stockwell, D. P. Rankin Abstract
Comparison of projected impacts of climate-induced changes in water temperature and stream discharge on Henderson Lake sockeye salmon using delta and SDSM downscaling methods. Stiff, H.W. Abstract
New Vegetation Maps for Washington’s National Park; E. Nielsen, C. Thompson, J. Kagan Abstract
Invasive Species and Changing Climate Conditions: How Bullfrogs (Rana catesbeiana) will respond to shifting environments in the Pacific Northwest. Garcia, Tiffany S, Rebbecca Hill, Megan Cook, Patricia Valcarcel, and Lindsey Thurman Abstract
Assessing Ecosystem Services With Climate Change And Fire Management In Olympic National Park, Washington, USA; Kennedy, Rebecca S.H Abstract
Impacts of diurnal temperature range on ecosystem carbon balance: an experimental test in grassland mesocosms; Jillian Gregg, Claire Phillips, John Wilson, Luke Pangle Abstract
Human Systems and Management  
Climate Variability and Water Infrastructure: Historical Experience in the Western United States; Zeynep K. Hansen, Gary D. Libecap, Scott E. Lowe Abstract
Preparing the Public Health Sector for Climate Change; Stacy Vynne and Bob Doppelt Abstract
A Coupled Econometric and Remote-Sensing Model of Land-Use Change in Response to Uncertain Water Availability and the Allocation of Water Rights; Kelly M. Cobourn, Alejandro Flores, Scott Lowe, Siân Mooney Abstract
Sitka, Alaska carbon footprint – greenhouse gas emission reduction potential through 2020; David Nicholls,Trista Patterson Abstract
A synthesis of biomass utilization for bioenergy production in the Western United States; David L. Nicholls, Robert A. Monserud, Dennis P. Dykstra Abstract
Building Climate Resilient Watersheds in Oregon; Stacy Vynne, Ben Reder, and Bob Doppelt Abstract
Climate Change and the Endangered Species Act in Marine Environments: Incorporating Scientific Considerations; Michelle McClure, Melanie Rowland, Tim Beechie, Paul McElhany, Annika Walters, and Chris Toole Abstract
Landscape Conservation Cooperatives – A Science/Conservation Partnership; Carol Schuler and Stephen Zylstra Abstract
NOAA’s Climate Assessment and Proactive Response Initiative, Puget Sound Pilot; Ben Shorr and Marla Steinhoff Abstract
Characterizing and addressing climate-related uncertainties in multi-objective dam operations; Desiree Tullos, Maria Christina Mateus Cordovez, Kara DiFrancesco, Christopher Surfleet Abstract
Soil Carbon and Nutrient Trade-offs of Harvesting Wheat Residues for Biofuel Feedstocks; David Huggins and Chad Kruger Abstract
Greenhouse Gas Reduction Potential Resulting from Anaerobic Digester Adoption on Pacific Northwest Dairies that also Practice Co-Digestion and Nutrient Recovery; C. Frear, S. Chen, G. Yorgey and C. Kruger Abstract
The Soil Carbon Challenge; Peter Donovan Abstract
A Data Management Solution to support Climate Impact Studies; Seshu Vaddey & Michael Corsello Abstract
Play it Cool with Climate Masters: a Community Climate Action Program; Sarah Mazze, Dr. Jean Stockard, Bob Doppelt Abstract
Reduced Flood-Conveyance Capacity in Rivers Far Downstream from Retreating Glaciers on Mount Rainier, Washington; Christopher S. Magirl, Jonathan A. Czuba, Christiana R. Barnas, and Frank D. Voss Abstract
Sensitivity of Recent Wildfire Extent and Severity to Annual Streamflow Distribution and Timing in the Pacific Northwest USA (1984-2005); Zachary A. Holden, Charlie Luce and Penny Morgan Abstract
Trends and sensitivities in late-season snowpack in the Pacific Northwest; Guillaume Mauger and Nate Mantua Abstract
Streamflow Response to Climate in the Klamath Basin Region; Tim Mayer and Seth Naman Abstract
Climate Change on Columbia Basin Tribal Lands: A Retrospective View; Kyle Dittmer Abstract
Model Analysis of Changes in the Hydrologic Budget Resulting from Climate Change in the Upper Deschutes Basin, Central Oregon; M. Scott Waibel, Marshall W. Gannett, Christina Hulbe Abstract
Past and Future Trends of Northwest Snowpack; Cliff Mass and Mark Albright Abstract
Enhanced hydrologic simulation for assessing the water availability under uncertain climate conditions; V. Sridhar, X. Jin and K. M. Nuss Abstract
Effects of 20th and 21st Century land cover and climate change on the hydrology of the Puget Sound basin; Dennis P. Lettenmaier, Lan Cuo, Tazebe K. Beyene, Nathalie Voisin, Fengge Su, Marina Alberti, and Jeffrey E. Richey Abstract
Regional Climate cloud computing meets clouds; Philip Mote, Ahmed Salahuddin, Eric Salathé, Myles Allen and Richard Jones Abstract
Climate Indexing: A Robust Method of Detecting Regional Climate Change; G. Bothun and S. Ostrander Abstract
A twenty year record of the δ 13C isotopic composition of methane from Cape Meares, Oregon (1978-1998); Doaa G. Teama and Andrew L. Rice Abstract
Reconstruction of regional air and site water temperature in the Somass watershed, Vancouver Island, B.C., 1917 – 2007. Stiff, H.W., K. D. Hyatt, M. M. Stockwell, D. P. Rankin. Abstract
Optimal Design of an Environmental Network: Beyond Practical Considerations; Karin A. Bumbaco Guillaume S. Mauger, Gregory J. Hakim, and Philip W. Mote Abstract
Application of SDSM Model for Downscaling Climatic Variables in Beheshabad Catchment, Iran. Masoumeh Fakhri, Mohamad reza Farzaneh, Seyedehzahra Samadi, Saeid Abstract
Watershed Scale Response to Climate Change: Sprague River Basin, Oregon; John Risley, Lauren E. Hay, and Steven L. Markstrom  
CO2 Sequestration  
The Abrupt Climate Shifts Since 1976 and the Emergency Clean Up of Past Emissions; William H. Calvin Abstract
The potential for CO2 capture and geologic storage deployment in the United States; Casie L Davidson Abstract
Evolution of Acidic Functional Groups on Bio-chars by Ozone Oxidation; Matthew Smith, Manuel Garcia-Perez Abstract
Use of Biochar from the Pyrolysis of Waste Organic Material to Increase Soil Carbon Sequestration; David Granatstein, Chad Kruger, Harold Collins, Manuel Garcia-Perez, Jon Yoder, Suzette Galinato Abstract
Earth Science  
The Changing Glaciers of Mt. Hood, Oregon and Mt. Rainier, Washington: Implications for Periglacial Debris Flows; Ellinger, Jonathan R. and Anne W. Nolin Abstract
Once upon a time in the North Cascades: Fluctuations of a temperate mountain glacier in response to climate change; Edward Josberger. William Bidlake Abstract
Agency Research  
Climate Change Research at EPA, Office of Research and Development; Peter A Beedlow Abstract
The U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI) Climate Science Centers: Regional Climate Science for Resource Managers; Lief Horwitz Abstract
Addressing Climate Change: Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station; Sue Willits, Assistant Station Director for Research Abstract
Social Vulnerability and Equity in the Context of Climate Change; Ellen Donoghue; Kathy Lynn; Katie MacKendrick Abstract