OCCRI Conference and Retreat (June 2009)

Date: June 24-25, 2009

The conference highlights research within the OUS related to climate change. Anyone is welcome to attend. The retreat provides a venue for OCCRI researchers to articulate a vision for climate change research. The retreat is restriced to OUS faculty.

Conference – June 24

10:00 Welcome and overview of conference and of OCCRI
Philip Mote, Director, OCCRI
10:15 Oregon Global Warming Commission and its relationship to OCCRI
Angus Duncan, Chair, OGWC
10:30 Climate change research at the Institute for a Sustainable Environment at UO
Dave Hulse, Bart Johnson, Cass Moseley, Bob Doppelt
10:45 Research Summaries – Human Dimensions
Ron Mitchell, UO – influence of climate science on policy-making process
Gail Achterman, INR OUS – laws/policies needed for reducing emissions and adapting
Hannah Gosnell, Geosciences OSU – carbon sequestration through forest management
11:00 Break
11:15 Climate change research at the College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences, OSU
Nick Pisias, Associate Dean, COAS
11:30 Research Summaries – Greenhouse Gas Sources and Sinks
Rick Colwell, COAS OSU – biogeochemistry of C-1 metabolism
Andrew Rice, PSU – isotope chemistry to constrain methane budget
Steven Perakis, Forest Ecosystems and Society OSU – role of precip in C and N cycling
Chris Butenhoff, PSU – greenhouse gas inventories and variability
Bev Law, Forestry OSU – carbon cycle in forests

Research Summaries – Species and Ecosystems
Joseph Ebersole, Fisheries and Wildlife OSU – freshwater temp for fish habitat
Kate Field, Microbiology OSU – waterborne pathogens
Jeff Miller, Rangeland Ecology & Mgmnt OSU – sensitivity of moth behavior to temp
Gil Rilov – changing species mix in intertidal zone; role for climate?
Jason Phillips, COAS OSU – invasive marine organisms
Dick Waring, Forestry OSU – climate change and tree distribution

12:15 Lunch
1:15 Research Summaries – Community Engagement Efforts
Andre LeDuc, UO
Steve Brandt, OR Sea Grant OSU
Deborah Maddy, Extension OSU

Research Summaries – Physical climate system
Julia Jones, Geosciences OSU – trends at HJ Andrews Forest
Chris Daly, NACSE OSU – PRISM geospatial climate mapping
Parker Wigington, EPA – hydrologic landscape regions
Scott Leibowitz, EPA – snow model
Heejun Chang, PSU – hydrology and water resources
Anne Nolin, OSU – mapping snow and glaciers
Peter Ruggiero, OSU – vulnerability to coastal hazards
Roger Samelson, OSU – fluid dynamics and thermodynamics of the ocean and sea ice
Laurence Padman, ESR – Antarctic ice shelves
Andreas Schmittner, OSU – modeling centennial scale climate change

Research Summaries – Paleoclimate
Bryan Black, Hatfield Center OSU – paleoclimate using marine and freshwater organisms
Robert Harris, COAS OSU – borehole temperatures
Dan Gavin, Geography UO – paleocology & response of forest biodiv. to climate change
Ed Brook, Geosciences OSU – ice core records of changes in trace gases and climate

2:15 State political perspective on adapting to and reducing climate change
Dave Van’t Hof, Governor’s Office
2:30 Adjourn

Retreat – June 24

2:45 Breakout groups – develop a vision for OCCRI
4:00 Plenary reports from breakout groups
5:30 Reception

Retreat – June 25

8:30 Breakout groups – develop a vision for OCCRI
10:00 Break
10:15 Breakout groups – what are some long-term research goals?
11:30 Report in plenary
12:00 Adjourn

Many thanks to the OCCRI retreat planning committee
Ron Mitchell, UO
Denise Lach, OSU
Dave Hulse, UO
Allison Aldous, The Nature Conservancy
Andrew Rice, Portland State University