John Stevenson

John Stevenson is a Regional Extension Climate Specialist with the NOAA funded Pacific Northwest Climate Impacts Research Consortium (CIRC) and Oregon Sea Grant.  John is responsible for translating regional climate science and facilitating adaptation planning in the PNW by coordinating collaborations between extension, local communities, and researchers.  Since taking this position in 2011 John has supported research collaborations around future irrigation water supplies, forest disturbance, and coastal hazards.  Previously, John was a research analyst with Ecotrust where worked with Oregon coastal communities and state planners to map critical fishing grounds in a process to site renewable ocean energy.  Prior to moving to Oregon for graduate school in 2007, John worked for NOAA headquarters in Silver Spring MD on fisheries and ocean planning issues.  John has an M.S. in marine resource management from Oregon State University and political science from University of California Santa Barbara