OCCRI Researchers

Title: Professor
Name: David Sailor
Institution: Portland State University
Department: Mechanical & Materials Engineering; Director, Green Building Research Laboratory

Research Theme: Develop an improved understanding of the urban climate system, its feedback mechanisms, and the potential for mitigating actions to affect change. Our specific short term goals are to: (1) quantify the relative role of component parts of the urban infrastructure in affecting the magnitude of the urban heat island (2) understand how the urban system will respond to the added stresses of long term climate change (including changes in population, demographics, technology, and adaptation) (3) evaluate the likely impacts of planning and policy options to mitigate the negative aspects of urban environments

Research Fields:

Data Analysis and Statistical Management
Energy Policy and Technology
Modeling Climate

Professional Activities:

From 2000-2002, I served as Director of a regional center of the US Department of Energy’s National Institute for Global Environmental Change (NIGEC) – In that capacity I managed > $1M of annual research funding that supported a network of researchers across about a dozen research universities.

I am a contributing author to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Working Group II, Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability, Fourth Assessment Report, Chapter 14: North America.

I was a panelist for the EPA STAR program: Consequences of Global Change for Air Quality, October, 2006.

I served the U.S. Global Climate Change Research Program – National Assessment as a member of the Steering Committee for the Gulf Coast Regional Assessment Workshop (1998) and as session chair for the Commerce, Industry, and Energy program.

Selected Publications:

IPCC (2006), Working Group II, Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability, Fourth Assessment Report, Chapter 14: North America, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Coordinating Lead Authors: C. B. Field (USA), L. D. Mortsch (Canada); Lead Authors: M. Brklacich (Canada), D. Forbes (Canada), P. Kovacs (Canada), J. Patz (USA), S. Running (USA), M. Scott (USA); Contributing Authors: J. Andrey (Canada), A. Hamlet, (USA), E. Mills (USA), S. Mills (USA), D.J. Sailor (USA), D. Scott (Canada), W. Solecki (USA), 88pp.

Sailor, D.J., and C. Vasireddy, (2006), “Correcting aggregate energy consumption data to account for variability in local weather,” Environmental Modelling and Software, 21(5), 733-738.

Sailor, D.J., and A. Pavlova, (2003) “Air Conditioning Market Saturation and Long Term Response of Residential Cooling Energy Demand to Climate Change “, Energy – the International Journal, 28 (9), 941-951.

Breslow, P., and D.J. Sailor, (2002) “Vulnerability of Wind Power Resources to Climate Change in the Continental United States”, Renewable Energy, 27 (4), 585-598.

Sailor, D.J., (2001). “Relating Residential and Commercial Sector Electricity Loads to Climate – evaluating state level sensitivities and vulnerabilities,” Energy – the International Journal, 26, 645-657.