OCCRI Researchers

Title: Assistant Professor, Senior Research
Name: Bryan Black
Institution: Oregon State University
Department: Hatfield Marine Science Center

Research Theme: I am now applying dendrochronology (tree-ring analysis) techniques to the growth increments of long-lived marine and freshwater organisms. These multidecadal chronologies reflect the effects of climate, disturbance, and human activities on growth, and for particularly long-lived species, allow for the reconstruction of climate prior to the start of instrumental records. These growth increment chronologies can also be used to compare diverse taxa and ecosystems. Freshwater mussel, Pacific rockfish, Pacific geoduck, and tree-ring chronologies interrelate with one another, demonstrating how the same climatic variables simultaneously affect marine, terrestrial and freshwater environments.

Research Fields:

Ecology and Ecosystem Management
Forestry and Forest Management

Professional Activities:

Selected Publications:

BA Black, GW Boehlert, and MM Yoklavich. Spatial and temporal variability of yelloweye rockfish growth in the northeast Pacific. IN REVIEW Fisheries Oceanography

BA Black, D Gillespie, S MacLellan, and C Hand. Age validation of Pacific geoduck using the tree-ring technique of crossdating. IN REVIEW Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.

MS Love, MM Yoklavich, BA Black, and AH Andrews. 2007. Age of Black Coral (Antipathes dendrochristos) Colonies with Notes on Its Invertebrate Species. Bulletin of Marine Science 80:391-400

BA Black, CM Ruffner, and MD Abrams. 2006 Effects of physiography and Native American populations on pre-European settlement forest vegetation in northwestern Pennsylvania. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 36:1266-1275.

BA Black, GW Boehlert, and MM Yoklavich. 2005. Using tree-ring crossdating techniques to validate age in long-lived fishes. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. 62:2277-2284