OCCRI Researchers

Title: Professor; Director, IGERT
Name: Julia Jones
Institution: Oregon State University
Department: Geosciences – Hydrology

Research Theme: Specialty: Spatio-temporal statistics, forest hydrology, landscape ecology, surface processes, biogeography. Research Interests: Land use, climate change and disturbance effects on hydrology, geomorphology, water quality

Research Fields:

Impacts Ecosystems and Populations
Impacts Physical
Physical Ecology

Professional Activities:

Selected Publications:

Jones, J.A. 2007. Does an Earth system perspective provide fundamental insights into ecology? Book review, Transactions in Ecology and Evolution, 22,6, 288-289.

Watterson, N. and J.A. Jones. 2006. Flood and debris flow interactions with roads promote the invasion of exotic plants along steep mountain streams, western Oregon. Geomorphology 78, 107 – 123

J.A. Jones and D.A. Post. 2004. Seasonal and successional streamflow response to forest cutting and regrowth in the northwest and eastern United States. Water Resources Research, 40, W05203, doi:10.1029/2003WR002952.

G.W.Moore, B.J. Bond, J.A. Jones, N.Phillips, and F.C. Meinzer. 2004. Structural and compositional controls on transpiration in a 40- and 450-yr old riparian forest in western Oregon, USA. Tree Physiology 24: 481-491.

D. Greenland, F. Bierlmaier, M. Harmon, J. Jones, A. McKee, J. Means, F. Swanson, C. Whitlock. Pp. 393-410 in Greenland, D., D.G. Goodin, and R. C. Smith, eds. 2003. Climate variability and ecosystem response at the H. J. Andrews Long-Term Ecological Research site. In Climate variability and ecosystem response at long-term ecological research sites. Oxford, New York.