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Title: Doctoral Student
Name: Ezra M Markowitz
Institution: University of Oregon
Department: Environmental Sciences, Studies and Policy & Psychology

Ph.D in Environmental Sciences, Studies and Policy University of Oregon Expected, Spring 2012
M.S. in Psychology University of Oregon Fall, 2008
B.A. in Psychology Vassar College Spring, 2007

Research Theme: I am a doctoral candidate in the Environmental Sciences, Studies and Policy program (with a focus in Psychology) at the University of Oregon. Broadly speaking, my research and teaching explores the intersection of psychological theory, environmental conservation, communications research and policy. I work on a diverse set of topics, from climate change to pro-environmental behavior to school transportation. My work on climate change focuses around individuals’ beliefs, attitudes, affective reactions and behavioral responses to the issue. I am particularly interested in the question of whether or not individuals think about climate change in ethical terms, and where such beliefs come from (as well as what implications they hold for action). I am also interested in the relative importance of individual-level (e.g., CC knowledge) vs. group- or nation-level factors (e.g., carbon intensity of an economy) in shaping and predicting individuals’ climate change beliefs. Underlying all of my research is a core interest in environmental decision-making at the individual and group levels.

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