OCCRI Researchers

Title: Professor Emeritus
Name: Richard Waring
Institution: Oregon State University
Department: Forest Ecosystems & Society

Research Theme: Physiological ecology. Predicting spatial variation in leaf area index of Douglas-fir under recent and projected future climatic conditions across the Pacific Northwest, U.S.A. and Canada. Ecosystems (submitted 9th June 2010)

Research Fields:

Ecology and Ecosystem Management
Forestry and Forest Management
Modeling Ecosystems
Physiological Ecology

Professional Activities:

Pro bono consulting to Nature Conservancy, Bonneville Power Administration, U.S. Forest Service, Universities, and Environmental Law firms.

Reviewer of grants for NASA and NSF, and manuscripts for a variety of professional journals, e.g., Ecosystems, Forest Ecology and Management, Tree Physiology, Remote Sensing of Environment, Biogeochemistry, Canadian J. of Forest Res.

Serve on Graduate Committees at Oregon State University.

Selected Publications:

Waring, R.H. and S.W. Running. 2007. Forest Ecosystems: Analysis at Multiple Scales. 3rd Edition, Academic Press, San Diego, CA. 420 pp.

Kolb, T.E., J.K. Agee, P.Z. Fule, N.G. McDowell, K. Pearson, A. Sala, and R.H. Waring. 2007. Perpetuating old-growth ponderosa pine. Forest Ecology & Management 249:141-157.

Nightingale, J.M., W. Fan, N.C. Coops, and R.H. Waring. 2007. Predicting tree diversity across the U.S.A. as a function of modeled gross primary production. Ecological Applications (in press).

Nightingale, J.M., N.C. Coops, R.H. Waring, and W.W. Hargrove. 2006. Gross primary production of forests across the USA: Estimates from MODIS and 3-PGS and regional sensitivity to variation in soil properties. Remote Sensing of Environment 109: 500-509.

Johnsen, K., C. Maier, R.H. Waring, J. Butnor, P. Anderson, S. Linder. 2007. Physiological girdling of pine trees via phloem chilling: proof of concept. Plant, Cell & Environment 30:128-134.