OCCRI Researchers

Title: Assistant Professor
Name: Haruyoshi Matsumoto
Institution: Oregon State University
Department: Cooperative Institute for Marine Resource Studies (CIMRS)

Research Theme: Current research interests include world-wide ambient noise monitoring, ocean noise and climate change, and long range sound propagations in the Antarctic Convergence Zone. A system currently under development is a semi-real time autonomous hydrophone float, acronymed QUEphone.

Research Fields:


Professional Activities:

Selected Publications:

Matsumoto, H., R.P. Dziak, D.K. Mellinger, M. Fowler, J. Haxel, A. Lau, C. Meinig, J. Bumgardner, W. Hannah, “Autonomous Hydrophone at NOAA.OSU and a New Seafloor Sentry System for Real-time Detection of Acoustic Events,” IEEE Oceans2006, 1-4244-0115-1/06, Boston, 2006

Dziak R.P., M. Park, H. Matsumoto, S.K. Byun, “ Hydroacoustics Records and Numerical Models of the Source Mechanisms from the First Historical Eruption of Antahan Volcano, Mariana Islands,” Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research. 2005; 146(1-3):86-101