OCCRI Researchers

Title: Associate Professor
Name: Daniel Gavin
Institution: University of Oregon
Department: Geography

(BS) Dartmouth College 1992
(MS) University of Washington 1997
(PhD) University of Washington 2000

Research Theme: One theme of our research is on climate refugia (Areas that support locally favorable climates, in which populations of species can survive outside their main distribution, protected from regionally limiting climatic factors) and the biogeographic and ecosystem response to rapid climate change. Another theme of our research is the influence of natural disturbances and climate change on the composition and structure of forests, at several scales in space and time. We use lake sediments to reconstruct past climate events and their effects on ecosystems. We also use records of tree growth (tree rings) and spatial analyses to address processes operating more recently.

Research Fields:

Forestry and Forest Management

Professional Activities:

International Biogeography Society, VP for Conferences

PAGES Workshop on Climate Refugia (August 2012)

Selected Publications:

Marlon, J.R., P.J. Bartlein, D.G. Gavin, C.J. Long, R.S. Anderson, Ch.E. Briles, K.J. Brown, D. Colombaroli, D.J. Hallett, M.J. Power, E.A. Scharf, and M.K. Walsh. 2012. Long-term perspective on wildfires in the western USA. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Colombaroli, D. and D.G. Gavin. 2010. Highly episodic fire and erosion regime over the past 2000 years in the Siskiyou Mountains, Oregon. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.

Gavin, D.G., A.C.G. Henderson, K.S. Westover, S.C. Fritz, I.R. Walker, M.J. Leng and F.S. Hu. 2011. Abrupt Holocene climate change and potential response to solar forcing in western Canada. Quaternary Science Reviews 30:1243-1255

Gavin, D.G. 2009. The coastal-disjunct mesic flora in the inland Pacific Northwest of USA and Canada: refugia, dispersal, and disequilibrium. Diversity and Distributions 15:972-982.

Gavin, D.G. and F.S. Hu 2006. Spatial variation of climatic and non-climatic controls on species distribution: the range limit of Tsuga heterophylla. Journal of Biogeography 33:1384-1396.