OCCRI Researchers

Title: Research Forester
Name: Ralph Alig
Institution: U.S. Forest Service
Department: PNW Research Station

Research Theme: 1) investigating the role of the forest sector in mitigating and adapting to climate change, 2) projecting national and regional forestland development; 3) evaluating forest fragmentation and potential effects on ecosystem services; 4) examining development effects on private forests and their management; and 5) identifying factors affecting public values and preferences regarding forestland conservation.

Research Fields:

Professional Activities:

Selected Publications:

Alig, R.; Adams, D.; Joyce, L.; Sohngen, B. 2004. Climate change impacts and adaptation in forestry: responses by trees and markets. Choices. Fall: 7-11.

Alig, R., O. Krankina, A. Yost, and J. Kuzminykh. 2006. Forest carbon dynamics in the Pacific Northwest (USA) and the St. Petersburg region of Russia: comparisons and policy implications. Climate Change 79: 335-360.

Alig, R.J. 2003. U.S. landowner behavior, land use and land cover changes, and climate change mitigation. Silva Fennica. 37(4): 511-527.

Alig, R., D. Adams, B. McCarl, J. Callaway, and S. Winnett. 1998. Assessing effects of mitigation strategies for global climate change with an intertemporal model of the U.S. forest and agricultural sectors. Environmental and Resource Economics 9: 259-274.

Alig, R., D. Adams, and B. McCarl. 2002. Projecting impacts of global climate change on the U.S. forest and agricultural. sectors and carbon budgets. Forest Ecology and Management 169: 3-14.