OCCRI Researchers

Title: Professor
Name: Barbara Lachenbruch
Institution: Oregon State University
Department: Wood Science & Engineering

Research Theme: My research program aims to increase our predictive capabilities of how growth conditions affect wood structure, growth form, and function of woody plants. This research is basic to understanding tree biology, but it is also valuable to wood technologists , silviculturists, tree breeders, and ecosystems ecologists.

Research Fields:

Ecology and Ecosystem Management
Forestry and Forest Management
Physical Ecology

Professional Activities:

Teach three classes—Wood Quality; Wood and Fiber Anatomy; and Forests, Wood, and Civilization

Teach about 2,000 3rd graders annually in our short hands-on program Oregon Wood Magic (about forest, wood, and science literacy)

Majordomo for the listserver IAWAforum (International Association of Wood Anatomists)

Member of AAAS, Botanical Society of America, Ecological Society of America, Forest Products Society, International Association of Wood Anatomists, International Academy of Wood Science, Society of Wood Science and Technology

Selected Publications:

J. L. Parke, E. Oh, S. Voelker, E. M. Hansen, G. Buckles, and B. Lachenbruch. Phytophthora ramorum colonizes tanoak xylem and is associated with reduced stem water transport. Phytopathology (in press).

Woodruff, D. R., K. A. McCulloh, J. M. Warren, F. C. Meinzer, and B. Lachenbruch. 2007. Impacts of tree height on leaf hydraulic architecture and stomatal control in Douglas-fir. Plant Cell and Environment 30:559-569.

Taylor, A. M., J. R. Brooks, B. Lachenbruch, and J. J. Morrell. 2007. Radial patterns of carbon isotopes in the xylem extractives and cellulose of Douglas-fir. Tree Physiology 27: 921-927.

Dunham, S. M., B. Lachenbruch, and L. M. Ganio. 2007. Bayesian analysis of Douglas-fir hydraulic architecture at multiple scales. Trees 21: 65-78.

Domec, J.-C., B. Lachenbruch, and F. C. Meinzer. 2006. Bordered pit structure and function determine spatial patterns of air-seeding thresholds in xylem of Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii; Pinaceae) trees. American Journal of Botany 93: 1588-1600.