OCCRI Researchers

Title: Professor
Name: Heejun Chang
Institution: Portland State University
Department: Geography

Research Theme: In the Pacific Northwest, in collaboration with many local agencies, we have been examining such topics as water quality and land cover change, the effects of climate change on watershed hydrology, urban stream restoration, economic impacts of climate change on freshwater resources, and the effects of urban storm water runoff on water quality. In Korea, in collaboration with Kangwon National University, Sejong University, and Korea Meteorological Administration, we have been examining vulnerability of flood hazards and the interactions of water use, climate, and population changes. We are using various biophysical and socioeconomic data describing watershed characteristics to investigate the complex and hierarchical interactions of watershed dynamics.

Research Fields:

Impacts Ecosystems and Populations
Impacts Physical
Water Policy and Planning

Professional Activities:

I am currently working with a group of international scholars on the study of urban flood hazards in Monsoon Asia in the context of climate change and land development pressure (Supported by START: Global Change SysTem for Analysis Research and Training)

Selected Publications:

Graves, D. and Chang, H. (2007) An assessment of the hydrologic impacts of climate change in the Upper Clackamas basin of Oregon. Climate Research. 33(2): 143-157.

Chang, H., J. Franczyk, and D-H. Bae. (2006) Putting Climate Change into Water Resource Management: Adaptation efforts in the U.S. U.K., Canada, Australia, and the Netherlands. Journal of Environmental Policy. 5(4): 19-50.

Chang, H., J. Franczyk, E-S. Im, W-T. Kwon, D-H. Bae, I-W., Jung, (2006) Vulnerability of Korean water resources under the changing environment, “in Innovations in coping with Water and climate related risks” Amsterdam, the Netherland.

Chang, H. (2004) Water Quality Impacts of Climate and Land Use Changes in Southeastern Pennsylvania. The Professional Geographer, 56: 240-257.

Chang, H. (2003) Basin Hydrologic Response to Changes in Climate and Land Use: The Conestoga River Basin, Pennsylvania. Physical Geography, 24: 222-247.