OCCRI Researchers

Title: Director
Name: Cassandra Moseley
Institution: University of Oregon
Department: Institute for a Sustainable Environment

Ph.D. Political Science, Yale University, 1999

Research Theme: Current projects: Economic impacts of forest and watershed restoration; Economic Effects of Large Wildfires in 2008; Accessing Payments for Ecosystem Services for Small Forest and Range landowners; Implementing Hazardous Fuels Reduction from a Human Perspective; Social Issues of Biomass Utilization; Forest Service ARRA Investments-A Socioeconomic Assessment; Monitoring restoration-based economic development in the dry forest zone of OR and N. California.

Research Fields:

Community and Disaster Planning
Energy Policy and Technology
Forestry and Forest Management
Human Impacts Policy
Mitigation Policy
Modeling Socioeconomic Processes
Natural Resource Policy and Planning

Professional Activities:

Member, USDA Forestry Research Advisory Council

Core Team Member and Working Group Co-Chair, Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition

Associate Editor (policy), Journal of Forestry

Selected Publications:

Daniel, Terry C., Matthew S. Carroll, Cassandra Moseley, and Carol Raish, eds. People, Fire and Forests: A Synthesis of Wildfire Social Science (Corvallis: OSU Press, 2007).

Wade, David and Cassandra Moseley, “Foresters’ Perceptions of Family Forest Owner Willingness to Participate in Forest Carbon Sequestration Markets” under review.

Becker, Dennis, Sarah McCaffrey, Dalia Abbas, Kathleen E. Halverson, Pamela Jakes, and Cassandra Moseley, “Conventional Wisdoms of Woody Biomass Utilization on Federal Public Lands” Journal of Forestry” forthcoming.

Ojerio, Ryan S., Cassandra Moseley, Kathy Lynn, and Neil Bania, “Socioeconomic Status as a Predictor of Involvement in Federal Programs to Mitigate Wildfire Risk in Arizona” Natural Hazards Review, forthcoming.

Koontz, Tomas, Toddi Steelman, JoAnne Carmin, Katrina Korfmacher, Cassandra Moseley, and Craig Thomas. Collaborative Environmental Management: What Roles for Government? (Baltimore: Resources for the Future Press, 2004).