OCCRI Researchers

Title: Special Assistant to the Director
Name: Peter Beedlow
Institution: OSU
Department: USEPA

M.B.A., University of Washington, Seattle; Marketing, 1986
Ph.D., Utah State University, Logan, UT: Biology, 1979
B.A., Hiram College, Hiram, OH; Biology, 1973

Research Theme: Ecosystem effects: process-level effects of anthropogenic stresses. Plant community ecology: plant-animal interactions, structure-function relations. Application of remote sensing technology to ecological research and assessment.

Research Fields:

Physical Ecology

Professional Activities:

Selected Publications:

Hogsett. W. E., D. T. Tingey, E. H. Lee, P. A. Beedlow, and C. P. Andersen. 2008. An approach for evaluating the effectiveness of various ozone air quality standards for protecting trees. Environmental Management DOI 10.1007/s00267-007-9057-3. WED-07-124.

Beedlow, P.A., D. T. Tingey, E. H. Lee, D. L. Phillips, C. P. Andersen, R. S. Waschmann and M. G. Johnson. 2007. Sapwood moisture in Douglas–fir boles and seasonal changes in soil water. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 37: 1263-1271. WED-05-081.

Beedlow, P. A. and D. T. Tingey (eds.). 2007. A Summary of NHEERL Ecological Research on Global Climate Change. US Environmental Protection Agency, EPA/600/R-05/007 (April).

Beedlow, P. A., D. T. Tingey, R.S. Waschmann, D.L. Phillips and M.G. Johnson. 2007. Bole water content shows little seasonal variation in century-old Douglas-fir trees. Tree Physiology 27: 737–747.

Lee E. H., D.T. Tingey, P.A. Beedlow, M.G. Johnson, C. A. Burdick. 2007. Relating fine root biomass to soil and climate conditions in the Pacific Northwest. Forest Ecology and Management 242: 195–208.