OCCRI Researchers

Title: Professor
Name: David Ervin
Institution: Portland State University
Department: Environmental Sciences; Coordinator, Academic Sustainability Programs

Research Theme: Understanding the economic, social, and other motivations that influence business firms to voluntarily adopt environmental management practices that exceed minimum regulatory standards. * Agricultural Biotechnology and Environmental Management * Business Environmental Sustainability * Environmental Policy Reform * International Trade and Environmental Management

Research Fields:

Mitigation Policy

Professional Activities:

Expert panelist for Yale Environmental Performance Index project

Consultant to OECD on trade and environment issues

Selected Publications:

Jones, Cody, “Voluntary Environmental Program Participation in Selected Oregon Manufacturing, Construction, Accommodation and Transport Sectors,” ESR Masters of Environmental Management Report, 2007.

Does Environmental Policy Work: The Theory and Policy of Outcomes Assessment. 2003. D. Ervin, J. Kahn, and M. Livingston, editors, Northampton: Elgar, 201 pp.

Ervin, D. and F. Casey. 2001. “Green Business Rising” Choices, 3rd Quarter: 34-37.

Batie, S. and D. Ervin. 1998. ” Will Business-Led Environmental Initiatives Grow in Agriculture?” Choices, Fourth Quarter: 4-10.