OCCRI Researchers

Title: Doctoral Student
Name: Jeremy Shakun
Institution: Oregon State University
Department: Geosciences – Geology

Research Theme: My research is concerned with developing proxy climate records from speleothems, glacial deposits, and marine sediments to elucidate the timing, patterns, and mechanisms responsible for past climate changes.

Research Fields:


Professional Activities:

Co-convener of AGU 2006 session PP21: The driver of Quaternary climate change: tropics vs high latitudes

Selected Publications:

Shakun, J.D., Burns, S.J., Fleitmann, D., Kramers, J.,Matter, A., and Al-Subary, A. 2006. A high-resolution, absolute-dated deglacial speleothem record of Indian Ocean climate from Socotra Island, Yemen. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 259, 442-456.

Munroe, J.S., Laabs, B.J.C., Shakun, J.D., Singer, B.S., Mickelson, D.M., Refsnider, K., and Caffee, M.W. 2006. Latest Pleistocene advance of alpine glaciers in the southwestern Uinta Mountains, Utah, USA: Evidence for the influence of local moisture sources. Geology, 34, 841-844.