OCCRI Researchers

Title: Research Associate
Name: Abdullah Mahmud
Institution: Portland State University
Department: Civil & Enviromental Engineering

PhD Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of California at David, 2010

Research Theme: Climate – air quality interaction, regional air quality modeling, secondary organic aerosol modeling, aerosol impact on climate, health exposure to air pollution, and regulation and policy impact on air quality.

Research Fields:

Atmospheric Chemistry
Modeling Climate

Professional Activities:

Reviewer for Atmospheric Environment (2010-present).

Selected Publications:

Mahmud, A., M. Tyree, D. Cayan, N. Motallebi, and M. J. Kleeman (2008), Statistical downscaling of climate change impacts on ozone concentrations in California, Journal of Geophysical Research, 113, D21103, doi:10.1029/2007JD009534.

Hu, J., Ying, Q., Chen, J., Mahmud, A., Zhao, Z., Chen, S. and Kleeman, M., J. (2009), Particulate air quality model predictions using prognostic vs. diagnostic meteorology in central California, Atmospheric Environment, 44(2), 215-226.

Hixson, M., Mahmud, A., Hu, J., Bai, S., Niemeier, D., Handy, S., Gao, S., Lund, J., Sullivan, D., Kleeman, M. J. (2009), Influence of regional development policies and clean technology adoption on future air pollution exposure, Atmospheric Environment, 44(4), 552-562.

Mahmud, A., Hixson, M., Hu, J., Zhao, Z., Chen, S. and Kleeman, M. J. (2010), Climate impact on airborne particulate matter concentrations in California using seven year analysis periods, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 10, 11097-11114.

Zhao, Z., Chen, S.-H., Kleeman, M. J., Mahmud, A. (2011), The impact of climate change on air quality related meteorological conditions in California – part II: present versus future time simulation analysis, Journal of Climate, 24, 3362-3376.