OCCRI Researchers

Title: Associate Professor
Name: Katharine (Kate) G. Field
Institution: Oregon State University
Department: Microbiology

B.A., Biology, Yale University
M.A., Biology, Boston University
Ph.D., Biology, University of Oregon

Research Theme: Projects involve studying the effects of microbial contamination in water, developing markers to track the sources of fecal contamination, tracing pathogen contamination in water, correlating different types of fecal contamination with public health outcomes through epidemiological studies, tracking the spread of antibiotic resistance genes from fecal bacteria in natural environments, and phylogenetic analysis of coevolution of fecal anaerobic bacteria with vertebrate hosts. My laboratory is involved in the development of bridging technologies that can be utilized by industry and water quality laboratories to take advantage of new, rapid methods to identify fecal contamination and pathogens.

Research Fields:

Ecology and Ecosystem Management
Impacts Ecosystems and Populations
Water Policy and Planning

Professional Activities:

I direct the BioResource Research (BRR) undergraduate interdisciplinary sciences major, which is based on mentored research. We place undergraduate students in faculty research labs, where they do a 2-year, 14-credit research project culminating in a thesis and seminar. One of the BRR Options (areas of concentration) is Climate and Biosystems Modeling; there are several other Options appropriate for climate-related projects, such as Sustainable Ecosystems. We are actively looking for research mentors for our talented students. For more information, see the BRR website: http://agsci.oregonstate.edu/brr/

Selected Publications: