OCCRI Researchers

Title: Professor
Name: David Hulse
Institution: University of Oregon
Department: Landscape Architecture

Research Theme: Geographic information systems and the use of computer-based tools for facilitating land use planning and natural resource decision-making. He has worked extensively as a landscape planner in the U.S. and abroad. Current efforts include work with colleagues at the U.S. E.P.A., the National Science Foundation and Oregon State University on development of spatial decision support systems for creating and evaluating alternative land and water use futures in the Willamette River Basin and elsewhere in Oregon.

Research Fields:

Geographic Information Systems
Natural Resource Policy and Planning
Water Policy and Planning

Professional Activities:

National Science Foundation LTER Science Task Force Advisory Committee 2004-2006

Willamette Partnership Board of Directors 2005-present

McKenzie River Trust Lands Committee 2004-present

State of the Nation’s Ecosystem Report, Heinz Center, 2001-present

Selected Publications:

D. HULSE, A. BRANSCOMB, C. ENRIGHT. (in prep.) Anticipating floodplain trajectories through alternative futures analysis. Journal of Landscape Ecology.

Y. LIU, M. MAHMOUD, H. HARTMANN, S. STEWART, T. WAGENER, D. SEMMENS, R. STEWART, H. GUPTA, D. DOMINGUEZ, D. HULSE, R. LETCHER, B. RASHLEIGH, C. SMITH, R. STREET, J. TICEHURST, M. TWERY, H. VAN DELDEN, R. WALDICK, D. WHITE, and L. WINTER. 2007. Formal scenario development for environmental impact assessment studies, in State of the Art and Futures in Environmental Modelling and Software, edited by Jakeman, A., A. Voinov, A. E. Rizzoli, and S. Chen, IDEA Book Series, Elsevier.

J. BOLTE, D. HULSE, S. GREGORY and C. SMITH. 2007. Modeling biocomplexity — actors, landscapes and alternative futures. Env. Modeling and Software. 22(5) 570-579.

D. HULSE, S. GREGORY. 2004. Integrating resilience into floodplain restoration. Journal of Urban Ecology. Special Issue on Large-Scale Ecosystem Studies: Emerging trends in urban and regional ecology, vol. 7, pp. 295-314.

D. HULSE, A. BRANSCOMB, S. PAYNE. 2004. Envisioning Alternatives: using citizen guidance to map future land and water use. Journal of Ecological Applications. v. 14, no. 2, pp. 325-341.