OCCRI Researchers

Title: Courtesy Professor
Name: Joe Ebersole
Institution: Oregon State University; US
Department: Fisheries and Wildlife; also US Envir. Protection Agency-EPA

Research Theme: * Physical-biotic interactions in streams * Fish behavior and life history * Geomorphic influences on aquatic systems * Restoration ecology and philosophy * Social dimensions of natural resource management Ecological literacy in contemporary culture

Research Fields:

Ecology and Ecosystem Management
Impacts Ecosystems and Populations

Professional Activities:

Technical Peer Review Committee for Water Temperature Standard Development, Environmental Protection Agency Region 10.

Salmon-Safe Peer Review Committee

East-side Watershed Restoration Review Team, Pacific Rivers Council

Selected Publications:

Ebersole, J.L., P.J. Wigington , J.P. Baker, M.A. Cairns, M.R. Church, .E. Compton, S.G. Leibowitz, B. Miller, and B. Hansen. 2006. Juvenile coho salmon growth and survival across stream network seasonal habitats. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 135:1681–1697.

Wigington, P. J., Jr., J.L. Ebersole, M.E. Colvin, B. Miller, B. Hansen, H. Lavigne, D. White, J.P. Baker, M. R. Church, S.G. Leibowitz, J.R. Brooks, M.A. Cairns, and J.E. Compton. 2006. Coho salmon dependence on intermittent streams. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 4(10):514-519.

Ebersole, J.L., W.J. Liss, and C.A. Frissell, 2003. Coldwater patches in warms streams: physiochemical characteristics and the influence of shading. Journal of the American Water Resources Association 39(2):355 -368.

Ebersole, J.L., W.J. Liss, and C.A. Frissell. 2003. Thermal heterogeneity, stream channel morphology and salmonid abundance in northeast Oregon streams. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 60:1266-1280.

Watanabe, M., Richard M. Adams, JunJie Wu, John P. Bolte, Matt M. Cox, Sherri L. Johnson, William J. Liss, William G. Boggess, and J. L. Ebersole. 2005. Toward Efficient Riparian Restoration: Integration Economic, Physical, and Biological Models. Journal of Environmental Management 75(2):93-104.