OCCRI Researchers

Title: Professor
Name: Robert T Lackey
Institution: Oregon State University
Department: Fisheries and Wildlife; Political Science

BS, Humboldt State University (1967)
MSc, University of Maine (1968)
PhD, Colorado State Univeristy (1971)

Research Theme: Pacific Northwest 2100 Project: Three overarching policy realities will drive natural resource and environmental agencies in the Pacific Northwest through this century: (1) the likely dramatic increase in the numbers of humans inhabiting Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia; (2) a dramatically different climate which will impose different ecological constraints; and (3) the ongoing and intensifying collective demand for ecosystem services.

Research Fields:

Ecology and Ecosystem Management
Energy Policy and Technology
Forestry and Forest Management
Human Impacts Policy
Impacts Ecosystems and Populations
Mitigation Policy
Natural Resource Policy and Planning
Outreach and Engagement
Water Policy and Planning

Professional Activities:

Selected Publications:

Lackey, Robert T. 2007. Science, scientists, and policy advocacy. Conservation Biology. 21(1): 12-17.

Lackey, Robert T., Denise H. Lach, and Sally L. Duncan. Editors. 2006. Salmon 2100: The Future of Wild Pacific Salmon. American Fisheries Society, Bethesda, Maryland, 629 pp.

Lackey, Robert T., Denise H. Lach, and Sally L. Duncan. 2006. Policy options to reverse the decline of wild Pacific salmon. Fisheries. 31(7): 344-351.

Lackey, Robert T. 2006. Axioms of ecological policy. Fisheries. 31(6): 286-290.

Lackey, Robert T. 2005. Economic growth and salmon recovery: an irreconcilable conflict? Fisheries. 30(3): 30-32.