OCCRI Researchers

Title: Research Associate
Name: Tomoko Sekiguchi
Institution: University of Oregon
Department: Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory, Center for Housing Innovation

Research Theme: The Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory’s (ESBL) research projects are focused on understanding how buildings and related transportation determine energy and resource use. The lab’s goals are to develop strategies for maximum energy efficiency in new materials, components, assemblies, and whole buildings. Architects, designers, builders, developers, and governmental agencies use ESBL to improve buildings and communities.

Research Fields:

Energy Policy and Technology
Impacts Physical

Professional Activities:

Selected Publications:

Energy Scheming, with T. Sekiguchi and J. Kline, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon. 1.0, 1989. 2.0, 1993. 2.5, 1997, 3.0, 2003, 3.1, 2006.