OCCRI Researchers

Title: Policy Research Program Manager
Name: Sally Duncan
Institution: Oregon State University
Department: INR

Research Theme: Connections between humans and their natural resources, in particular the intertwined roles of science, communications, and social acceptance of resource management.

Research Fields:

Ecology and Ecosystem Management
Forestry and Forest Management
Human Impacts Policy
Mitigation Policy
Natural Resource Policy and Planning
Outreach and Engagement
Water Policy and Planning

Professional Activities:

Selected Publications:

Duncan, Sally L., and J. R. Thompson. 2006. Forest plans and ad hoc scientist groups in the 1990s: coping with the Forest Service viability clause. Forest Policy and Economics.

Duncan, Sally L. 2006. Mapping Whose Reality?: GIS and Wild Science. Public Understanding of Science 15(4):411-434.

Duncan, Sally L., and D.H. Lach. 2006. GIS Technology in Natural Resource Management: Process as a Tool of Change. Cartographica 41(3):201-215.

Duncan, Sally L., and D.H. Lach. 2006. Privileged Knowledge and Social Change: Effects on different participants of using GIS technology in natural resource management. Environmental Management 38:2, pp.267-285.

Johnson, K. Norman, Sally L. Duncan, and Thomas A. Spies. 2007. Regional policy analysis of forest biodiversity problems: lessons from a decade of effort. Ecological Applications. 17(1):81-90.