OCCRI Researchers

Title: Assistant Professor
Name: Sarah Eppley
Institution: Portland State University
Department: Biology

Research Theme: Interactions between environmental stress, breeding systems, and ecophysiology in the survival and maintenance of plant populations. Understanding the role of stress, particularly extreme environmental stress, in the ecology and evolution of plant species is critical to our ability to protect rare and endangered plant species and to predict the impacts of climate change on plant communities.

Research Fields:

Impacts Ecosystems and Populations

Professional Activities:

Selected Publications:

Eppley, S. M. and J. R. Pannell. 2007. Density-dependent self-fertilization and male versus hermaphrodite siring success in an androdioecious plant. Evolution (in press).

Eppley, S. M. and J. R. Pannell. 2007. Patterns of occupancy and abundance in an annual plant: testing a metapopulation model for the distribution of sexual systems. American Naturalist 169:20-28.

Eppley, S. M., Taylor, P. J. and L. K. Jesson 2007. Self-fertilization in mosses: a comparison of heterozygote deficiency between species with combined versus separate sexes. Heredity 98: 38-44.

Eppley, S. M. 2006. Females make tough neighbors: sex-specific competitive effects in seedlings of a dioecious grass. Oecologia 146: 549-554.