OCCRI Researchers

Title: Associate Professor
Name: Christina Hulbe
Institution: Portland State University
Department: Geology

Research Theme: My research in Antarctic glaciology involves understanding variability in ice flow in the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and the outlet glacier/ice shelf systems of the Antarctic Peninsula. For this, I use a combination of numerical modeling and data from satellite remote sensing. An important goal in understanding the physics of ice discharge variability is to be able to provide useful guidance in the development of climate system models. The important short-term impact is on global sea level.

Research Fields:

Professional Activities:

US Scientific Standing Group on Physical Sciences to the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (an appointment by the Polar Research Board)

Presentation at US National Academy of Sciences Annual Meeting, April 2007: Prepare Immediately for Whatever Happens Next: Human Societies and Climate Change

NOAA GFDL Ice Sheet Modeling Workshop January 2007 (by invitation; called in response to shortcomings in the ice sheet components of IPCC AR4)

Numerous public presentations; column on climate science for a popular political web log

Selected Publications:

Hiram Henry (MS) A Study of The Role of Firn Pack in the Melt Season Hydrology of Temperate Glaciers

Ashleigh Fines (MS) Fracture patterns and the reconstruction of outlet dynamics of Kamb Ice Stream, West Antarctica (in progress)

Adam Campbell (MS) Response of Crane Glacier, Antarctic Peninsula, to collapse of the Larsen B Ice Shelf and regional climate warming (in proposal stage)

Hulbe, C.L. and M.A. Fahnestock, Century-scale discharge stagnation and reactivation of the Ross ice streams, West Antarctica, JGR, in press.

Hulbe, C.L. and M.A. Fahnestock, 2004, West Antarctic ice stream discharge variability: mechanism, controls, and pattern of grounding line retreat, Journal of Glaciology, 50 (171), 471-484.