OCCRI Researchers

Title: Associate Professor; Director
Name: Glenn Howe
Institution: Oregon State University
Department: Forest Science; Pacific Northwest Tree Improvement Research Cooperative

Research Theme: The Taskforce on Adapting Forests to Climate Change is a group of scientists and land managers that are interested in understanding the potential effects of climate change on natural and planted forests in the western U.S.

Research Fields:

Forestry and Forest Management
Impacts Ecosystems and Populations
Modeling Ecosystems
Outreach and Engagement
Physiological Ecology

Professional Activities:

Associate Editor, Forest Science

Western Forest Genetics Society

Society of American Foresters

Selected Publications:

St. Clair, J.B., and Howe, G.T. 2007. Genetic maladaptation of coastal Douglas-fir seedlings to future climates. Global Change Biology 13:1441-1454.

Howe, G.T., Jayawickrama, K.J., Cherry, M.L., Johnson, G.R., and Wheeler, N.C. 2006. Breeding Douglasfir. Pp. 245-353. In: Plant breeding reviews, v. 27, J. Janick (ed). John Wiley and Sons, Inc.

Howe, G.T., and Brunner, A.M. 2005. Invited Commentary: An evolving approach to understanding plant adaptation. New Phytol. 167:1-5.

Wheeler N.C., Jermstad, K.D., Krutovsky K., Aitken, S.N., Howe, G.T., Krakowski, J., and Neale, D.B. 2005. Mapping of quantitative trait loci controlling adaptive traits in coastal Douglas-fir. IV. Cold-hardiness QTL verification and candidate gene mapping. Mol. Breed. 15:145-156.

Howe, G.T., Aitken, S.N., Neale, D.B., Jermstad, K.D., Wheeler, N.C., and Chen, T.H.H. 2003. From genotype to phenotype: unraveling the complexities of cold adaptation in forest trees. Can. J. Bot. 81:1247 -1266.