OCCRI Researchers

Title: Research Professor
Name: David Turner
Institution: Oregon State University
Department: Forest Ecosystems & Society

PhD Botany, Washington State University, 1984
MA Biology, University of Colorado – Boulder, 1978
BA Biology, University of Colorado – Denver, 1975

Research Theme: Ecological Modeling

Research Fields:

Geographic Information Systems
Mitigation/Adaptation Policy
Modeling Ecosystems

Professional Activities:

PI on “Time Series Analysis of Disturbance Impacts on the Pacific Northwest Carbon Balance”. NASA Terrestrial Ecology Program. (2012-2015)

Co-I on Mote, P., Lach, D., Adell, A., Bolte, J., Bond, B., Hulse, D., Sridhar, V., Turner, D. Pacific Northwest Climate Impacts Research Consortium. NOAA Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessments Program. (2010-2015).

Co-I on “Willamette Water 2100”. NSF. (2010-2015).

Selected Publications:

Hayes, D.J., Turner, D.P., Stinson, G., West, T.O., Wei, Y., Heath, L.S., Birdsey, R.A., deJong, B., McGuire, A.D., Kurz, W.A., Jacobson, A.R., McConkey, B.G., Huntzinger, D.N., Pan, Y., Post, W.M., Cook, R.B. 2012. Reconciling estimates of the contemporary North American carbon balance among an inventory-based approach, terrestrial biosphere models, and atmospheric inversions. Global Change Biology 18:1282-1299.

Turner, D.P., Ritts, D., Yang, Z., Kennedy, R.E., Cohen, W.B., Duane, M.V., Law, B.E. 2011. Decadal trends in net ecosystem production and net ecosystem carbon balance for a regional socioecological system. Forest Ecology and Management 262:1318-1325.

Meigs, G.W., Turner, D.P., Ritts, W.D., Yang Z., Law, B.E. 2011. Landscape-scale simulation of heterogeneous fire effects on pyrogenic carbon emissions, tree mortality, and net ecosystem production. Ecosystems 14:758-775.

King, D.A., Turner, D.P., Ritts, W.D. 2011. Parameterization of a diagnostic carbon cycle model for continental scale application. Remote Sensing of Environment 115:1653-1664.

Turner, D.P., Göckede, M., Law, B.E., Ritts, W.D., Cohen, W.B., Yang, Z., Hudiburg, T., Kennedy, R., Duane, M. 2011. Multiple constraint analysis of regional land surface carbon flux. TellusB 63:207-221.