OCCRI Researchers

Title: Associate Professor
Name: Dean Atkison
Institution: Portland State University
Department: Chemistry

Research Theme: We are specifically interested in the climate impacts of diesel particulate matter, especially that produced from biodiesel combustion, which has been viewed lately as a promising replacement fuel. We are also beginning to investigate atmospheric sources of “brown carbon” particles that are produced by combustion and that absorb significantly more light in the UV than in the visible part of the spectrum. Our new instrument is particularly well-suited for the latter set of experiments.

Research Fields:


Professional Activities:

NOAA-ACC Review Panel 2006

Reviewer – Research Corporation, Petroleum Research Fund, National Science Foundation, NOAA, DOE, Chemosphere, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, Chemical Physics Letters, Green Chemistry, Journal of Physical Chemistry, Environmental Science and Technology, Environmental Chemistry, Analyst

Selected Publications:

J. D. Smith and D. B. Atkinson, “A Portable Pulsed Cavity Ring-Down Transmissometer for Measurement of the Optical Extinction of the Atmospheric Aerosol”, Analyst, 126, 1216, (2001).

D. B. Atkinson, “Tutorial Review: Solving Chemical Problems of Environmental Importance Using Cavity Ring-down Spectroscopy”, Analyst, 128, 117, (2003).

P. J. Sheridan, W. P. Arnott, J. A. Ogren, E. Andrews, D. B. Atkinson, D. S. Covert, H. Moosmuller, A. Petzold, B. Schmid, A. W. Strawa, R. Varma, and A. Virkkula, “The Reno Aerosol Optics Study: An Evaluation of Aerosol Absorption Measurement Methods”, Aerosol Science and Technology, 39, 1, (2005).