OCCRI Researchers

Title: Postdoctoral Scholar
Name: Shaun Marcott
Institution: Oregon State University
Department: College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

Ph.D. Geology, Oregon State University, 2011
M.S. Geology, Portland State University, 2005
B.S. Geology, Oregon State University, 2002

Research Theme: Greenhouse gases in ice cores, cosmogenic radionuclide, statistical modeling. Research revolves around the interactions between glaciers and climate in the past. Current projects include measuring greenhouse gas concentrations in ice cores and establishing glacial chronologies in North America and Antarctica.

Research Fields:


Professional Activities:

Selected Publications:

Marcott, S.A., Shakun, J.D., Clark, P.U., and Mix, A.C. 2013. A Reconstruction of Regional and Global Temperature for the last 11,300 Years. Science, doi:10.1126/science.1228026.

Murray, D.S., Carlson, A.E., Singer, B.S., Anslow, F.S., He, F., Caffee, M., Marcott, S.A., Liu, Z., and Otto-Bliesner, B.L., 2012. Northern Hemisphere forcing of the last deglaciation in southern Patagonia. Geology, doi 10.1130/G32836.1.

Shakun, J.D., Clark, P.U., He, F., Marcott, S.A., Mix, A.C., Liu, Z., Otto-Bliesner, B.L., Schmittner, A., and Bard, E. 2012. Global warming preceded by increasing carbon dioxide concentrations during the last deglaciation. Nature, doi:10.1038/nature10915.

Marcott, S.A., Clark, P.U., Padman, L., Klinkhammer, G.P., Springer, S., Liu, Z., Otto-Bliesner, B.L., Carlson, A.E., Ungerer, A., Padman, J., He, F., Cheng, J. and Schmittner, A. 2011 Ice-shelf collapse from subsurface warming as trigger for Heinrich events, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, doi:10.1073/pnas.1104772108.

Marcott, S.A., Fountain, A.G., O’Connor, J.E., Sniffen, P.J., and Dethier, D.P. 2009 A Latest Pleistocene and Holocene glacial history and paleoclimate reconstruction at Three Sisters and Broken Top Volcanoes, Oregon ,U.S.A., Quaternary Research, v.71, 181-189.