OCCRI Researchers

Title: Distinguished Professor
Name: Dudley Chelton
Institution: Oregon State University
Department: CEOAS – Physical Oceanography

Research Theme: investigation of coupled ocean-atmosphere variability from satellite observations and numerical models; investigation of basin-scale wind-forced ocean circulation from satellite scatterometer and altimeter data. Geographical areas of interest include the North Pacific Ocean, the equatorial oceans, the Antarctic Circumpolar Current and the California Current System.

Research Fields:

Data Analysis and Statistical Management

Professional Activities:

Member of NASA Ocean Surface Topography Science Working Team for satellite altimetry.

Member of NASA Ocean Vector Winds Science Team for satellite scatterometry.

Selected Publications:

Chelton, D. B., M. G. Schlax, M. H. Freilich and R. F. Milliff., 2004: Satellite measurements reveal persistent small-scale features in ocean winds. Science, 303, 978–983.

2005 Chelton, D. B., and M. H. Freilich, 2005: Scatterometer-based assessment of 10-m wind analyses from the operational ECMWF and NCEP numerical weather prediction models. Mon. Wea. Rev., 133, 409–429.

Chelton, D. B. 2005: The impact of SST speci.cation on ECMWF surface wind stress felds in the eastern tropical Pacific. J. Climate, 18, 530–550.

Perez, R. C., D. B. Chelton and R. N. Miller, 2005: The effects of wind forcing and background mean currents on the latitudinal structure of equatorial Rossby waves. J.Phys. Oceanogr., 35, 666–682.

O’Neill, L. W., D. B. Chelton, S. K. Esbensen and F. J. Wentz, 2005: High-resolution satellite observations of SST modifcation of the marine atmospheric boundary layer over the Agulhas Return Current. J. Climate, 18, 2706–2723.