OCCRI Researchers

Title: Associate Professor
Name: Bart Johnson
Institution: University of Oregon
Department: Landscape Architecture

Research Theme: Biodiversity conservation and fire hazard management in the context of climate change and urbanization. This includes landscape planning, simulation modeling, restoration experiments, prescribed fire, and historical vegetation reconstruction. The ecological context of these studies centers on Willamette Valley oak savanna, upland prairie and wetland prairie, all imperiled ecosystems.

Research Fields:

Ecology and Ecosystem Management
Human Impacts Economics
Human Impacts Health
Human Impacts Policy
Modeling Ecosystems
Natural Resource Policy and Planning
Urban Ecology

Professional Activities:

Selected Publications:

Pfeifer-Meister L., Roy B. A., Johnson B. R., Krueger J, Bridgham S. D. In Press. Dominance of native grasses leads to community convergence irrespective of site preparation techniques in a wetland prairie. Plant Ecology.

Yospin, G. I., S. D. Bridgham, J. Kertis, and B. R. Johnson. 2012. Ecological correlates of fuel dynamics and potential fire behavior in former upland prairie and oak savanna. Forest Ecology and Management 266:54-65.

Bachelet, D., B. R. Johnson, S. D. Bridgham, P. V. Dunn, H. E. Anderson and B. M. Rogers. 2011. Climate Change Impacts on Western Pacific Northwest Prairies and Savannas. Northwest Science: 85 (2): 411-429.

Holmes, S. E., B. A. Roy, J. P. Reed, and B. R. Johnson. 2009. Context-Dependent Pattern and Process: The Distribution and Competitive Dynamics of an Invasive Grass, /Brachypodium sylvaticum/. Biological Invasions DOI 10.1007/s10530-009-9645-7.

Johnson, B. R. and K. Hill (eds.). 2002. Ecology and Design: Frameworks for Learning. Washington, D.C.: Island Press. 530 pages.