OCCRI Researchers

Title: Associate Professor
Name: Matthew Betts
Institution: Oregon State University
Department: Forest Science

Research Theme: 1. Species distribution models 2. Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in relation to land-use change 3. Measuring the relative impacts of landscape and climate change on biodiversity

Research Fields:

Ecology and Ecosystem Management
Forestry and Forest Management
Impacts Ecosystems and Populations

Professional Activities:


Ecological Society of America

American Ornithologists Union

Selected Publications:

Swatantran, A. Dubayah, R. Goetz, S. Hofton, Betts, M.G., Sun, M., Simard, M. and Holmes, R.T. 2012. Mapping migratory bird prevalence using remote sensing data fusion. PLoS One 7: e28922

Hadley, A.S. and Betts, M.G. 2012. The effects of landscape fragmentation on pollination dynamics: absence of evidence not evidence of absence. Biological Reviews of the Cambridge Philosophical Society 87: 526-544

Jones, J., Kroll, A.J., Giovanini, J., Duke, S.D., and Betts, M.G. 2011. Estimating occupancy thresholds with imperfect species detection. Ecology 92: 2299-2309.

Zitske, B.P., Betts, M.G. and Diamond, A.W. 2011. Habitat loss reduces apparent survival of songbirds in a forest mosaic. Conservation Biology 25: 993-1001.

Betts, M.G., Hagar, J., Rivers, J. Alexander, J. McGarigal, K. and McComb, B.C. 2010. Thresholds in songbird occurrence in relation to early seral broadleaf forest. Ecological Applications 20: 2116-2130.