OCCRI Researchers

Title: Professor
Name: Gregory Jones
Institution: Southern Oregon University
Department: Environmental Studies

Ph.D. Environmental Sciences (concentration in Climatology), University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, September 1993 to September 1997. Ph.D. degree awarded January 1998. Dissertation: Synoptic Climatological Assessment of Viticultural Phenology (Dr. Robert E. Davis, Advisor).
B.A. Environmental Sciences (concentration in Atmospheric Sciences), University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, 1991-1993. Senior Project: A Climatology of Nor’easters and the 30 kPa Jet Stream (Dr. Robert E. Davis, Advisor).

Research Theme: Specializes in the study of how climate variability and change impact natural ecosystems and agriculture. His research interests include climatology, hydrology, and agriculture; phenology of plant systems; biosphere and atmosphere interactions; climate change; and quantitative methods in spatial and temporal analysis. His dissertation was on the climatology of viticulture in Bordeaux, France with a focus on the spatial differences in grapevine phenology, grape composition and yield, and the resulting wine quality. He conducts applied research for the grape and wine industry in Oregon.

Research Fields:

Carbon Footprint Analysis
Data Analysis and Statistical Management
Geographic Information Systems
Impacts Agriculture and Horticulture
Modeling Climate
Modeling Ecosystems

Professional Activities:

Editorial Board, Journal of Wine Economics since 2006.

American Association of Wine Economists since 2006.

International Society for Horticultural Science since 2005.

Editor, Climate Research, 2004-2007.

American Geophysical Union since 2004.

Selected Publications:

Jones, G. V. and Davis, R. E. (2000). “Using A Synoptic Climatological Approach to Understand Climate/Viticulture Relationships,” International Journal of Climatology, 20:813-837.

Jones, G. V. and Davis, R. E. (2000). “Climate Influences on Grapevine Phenology, Grape Composition, and Wine Production and Quality for Bordeaux, France,” American Journal of Viticulture and Enology, 51,No.3:249-261.

Jones, G. V. and Storchmann, K-H. (2001). “Wine market prices and investment under uncertainty: an econometric model for Bordeaux Crus Classés”, Agricultural Economics, 26:115-133.

Nemani, R. R., White, M. A., Cayan, D. R., Jones, G. V., Running, S. W., and J. C. Coughlan, (2001). “Asymmetric climatic warming improves California vintages.” Climate Research, Nov. 22, 19(1):25-34.

Jones, G.V., Nelson, P. and Snead, N. (2004). “Modeling Viticultural Landscapes: A GIS Analysis of the Terroir Potential in the Umpqua Valley of Oregon”. GeoScience Canada, 31(4): 167-178.