OCCRI Researchers

Title: Associate Professor
Name: David Shaw
Institution: Oregon State University
Department: Forest Engineering, Resources & Management (FERM)

PhD Forest Protection and Silviculture, University of Washington, 1991
MS Biology and Plant Ecology, Western Washington University, 1982
BS Biology, Northern Arizona University, 1977

Research Theme: Forest health, forest pathology, forest entomology.

Research Fields:

Forestry and Forest Management
Outreach and Engagement

Professional Activities:

Selected Publications:

Kelsey, R.G., M. Beh, D.C. Shaw, and D.K. Manter. IN PRESS. Ethanol attracts scolytid beetles to Phytophthora ramoum cankers on coast live oak. Journal of Chemical Ecology.

Mulvey, R.L., D.C. Shaw, and D.A. Maguire. 2013 Fertilization impacts on Swiss needle cast disease severity in Douglas-fir. Forest Ecology and Management 287: 147-158.

Woolley, T., D.C. Shaw, L.M. Ganio, and S. Fitzgerald. 2011. A review of logistic regression models used to predict post-fire tree mortality of western North American conifers. International Journal of Wildland Fire 21:1-35. http://dx.doi.org/10.1071/WF09039.

Chumura, D.J., P.D. Anderson, G.T. Howe, C.A. Harrington, J.E. Halofsky, D.L. Peterson, D.C. Shaw, and B. St. Clair. 2011. Forest Responses to climate change in the northwestern United States: ecophysiological foundations for adaptive management. Forest Ecology and Management. 261: 1121-1142.

Shaw, D.C., GM. Filip, A. Kanaskie, D.A. Maguire, and W. Littke. 2011. Managing an epidemic of Swiss needle cast in the Douglas-fir region of Oregon: The Swiss Needle Cast Cooperative. Journal of Forestry 109: 109-119.