OCCRI in the news

OCCRI's Kathie Dello in the Salem Statesman: 80% of Oregon in drought, most since 2015 (July 2018)

OCCRI's Kathie Dello in Bend Bulletin: Central Oregon reservoirs a cause for concern (July 2018)

OCCRI's Kathie Dello to the Associated Press: Warned 30 years ago, global warming is in our living room (June 2018)

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OCCRI faculty Beverly Law on the Jefferson Public Exchange about the trees and the timber business balancing emissions (June 2018)

OCCRI's Kathie Dello tells the Register Guard that even with rain talk of summer drought is in the air (June 2018)

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OCCRI Associate Director Kathie Dello to OPB: As Salem frets about toxic algae, should the rest of Oregon? (June 2018)

OCCRI Associate Director Kathie Dello quoted in this AP Fact Check: Science contradicts EPA warming memo (April 2018)

OCCRI Director Philip Mote on OPB: snowpack has declined drastically in the west this century (March 2018)

OCCRI Director Philip Mote in Portland Tribune story on snowpack declines across the West (March 2018)

US News and World report features study led by OCCRI director Philip Mote: Snowpack has declined dramatically across the western US (March 2018)

Bend Bulletin interviewed OCCRI's associate director Kathie Dello for Better late than never, snowpack doubles at Mt. Bachelor (March 2018)

OCCRI's Kathie Dello quoted in Earther story Where is the snow? (February 2018)

OCCRI associate director Kathie Dello talked to ThinkProgress about western snow drought (February 2018)

OCCRI associate director Kathie Dello quoted in Accuweather Ski economy could suffer as shorter winter season are expected by 2050 (February 2018)

OCCRI associate director Kathie Dello quoted in the Statesman Journal about this year's low snowpack http://www.statesmanjournal.com/story/news/2018/02/08/oregon-warm-winter-low-snowpack-make-drought-likely/321237002/ (February 2018)

OCCRI director Philip Mote's role in an epic play about the ozone hole mentioned in New Yorker article www.newyorker.com/tech/elements/a-six-hour-theatrical-epic-about-the-hole-in-the-ozone-layer (January 2018)

Mote quoted in article about snowpack in Inside Climate News Snowpack near record lows spells trouble for western water supplies (January 2018)

Mote interviewed on KUOW radio, Seattle: Climate change is "already here" kuow.org/post/heatwaves-wildfires-high-water-climate-change-already-here (January 2018)

Mote quoted in News Deeply How climate change is impacting the US West right now (December 2017)

Mote quoted in Climate scientists watch their words, hoping to stave off funding cuts (NPR, November 2017)

Mote interviewed on Oregon Public Broadcasting's Think Out Loud in a segment about the World Scientists' Warning to Humanity (November 2017)

OCCRI Associate Director Kathie Dello quoted in the Bend Bulletin: Possible La Niña could mean big winter for Central Oregon (October 2017)

Dello writes in Nature: Prepare for larger, longer wildfires (October 2017)