Samantha Chisholm Hatfield

Dr. Samantha Chisholm Hatfield is an enrolled member of the Siletz Tribe, and Cherokee. Dr. Chisholm Hatfield earned her Doctorate in Environmental Sciences at OSU, focusing on Traditional Ecological Knowledge, and earned a BS in Ethnic Studies: Native American studies, and a minor in Cultural Anthropology, also from OSU. Samantha is involved with local and national Native communities, supporting Indigenous groups and issues relating to culture. She is fluent in American Sign Language. Dr. Chisholm Hatfield's area of specialization is Indigenous Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK), and Native culture issues. She believes this issue is important to pursue and needs to be handled delicately with careful precautions for tribal information and tribal culture to be honored respectfully while presenting tribal voices and perspectives on a local, regional, and national level.

Dr. Chisholm Hatfield is an advocate, interpreter, professor, speaker, author, and in her spare time dances traditionally, sings, and volunteers in Native communities and for Native issues, particularly those associated with children.